GOFILTR Water Bottle (50 oz) + 2 Alkaline 9.5 pH Infusers – 1500 Refills + Straw Lid | Sport Water Jug, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel, Wide Mouth | Creates Natural Ionized Mineral Alkaline Water

Price: $79.00
(as of Sep 22,2023 22:45:12 UTC – Details)

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With our responsible manufacturing practices, you can feel good about supporting a company that cares about the environment.

gofiltr alkaline water bottle filter sports jug straw lid pitchergofiltr alkaline water bottle filter sports jug straw lid pitcher

At GOFILTR we are committed to delivering the ultimate hydration experience without compromise. GOFILTR is founded on the belief that everyone should have access to high-quality, alkaline water without the need for constantly buying plastic water bottles or expensive alkaline water at the store. Here at GOFILTR, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for an affordable, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle. Refill Not Landfill.

Alkaline Infusers & Bottles

TOUCH OF STYLE TO ANY LIFESTYLE | With a generous 50 oz size, this water bottle jug requires minimal refills throughout the day, typically only one or two. The sports straw lid makes it easy to drink on the go while easy-to-carry, simple and modern design makes it perfect for any activity, whether you’re hitting the gym, going on a road trip, traveling or simply running errands ensuring you stay hydrated all day. Our bottles are made with vacuum insulated stainless steel, LEAD/BPA/PHA free.
TRANSFORM YOUR WATER IN MINUTES | Say goodbye to boring water and hello to 9.5 pH mineral ionized alkaline water! GOFILTR turns any water into a refreshing ionized alkaline water in just a few minutes, whether it’s sparkling or flat, filtered or tap.
WATER WITH BENEFITS | Alkaline water has been shown to boost energy levels, improve digestion, and support overall health and wellbeing. GOFILTR not only alkalizes your water but also ionizes it, reducing oxidative reduction potential by over 300 points to neutralize free radicals.
AFFORDABLE & SUSTAINABLE | Each GOFILTR designed to work for up to 3 months or 750 refills, you’ll save money and help reduce plastic waste. And at just 4 cents per refill, it’s an affordable way to stay hydrated. The Kit includes two infusers.
FREE MOBILE APP | Track usage and refills with GOFILTR Mobile App (iOS & Android) and get reminders on when to replace your GOFILTR!