Berg Water, Sourced from Icebergs, 25.36oz (One 750ml Glass Bottle)

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Berg Water, Sourced from Icebergs
The taste of pure melted snow in every bottle.
Harvested directly from icebergs, each bottle of Berg water started its journey 15,000 years ago in the glaciers of western Greenland. It possesses its unmistakably clean, light taste from its location safely within the ice cap, safe from harsh weather and ocean water.
While some waters claim to be from “glaciers”, Berg water is sourced directly from the icebergs themselves. Most glacier waters are sourced from the pools of melted water at the bottom of the glacier, where the water comes into contact with land and ground contaminates before being bottled.
Berg water is harvested by hand in small quantities to minimize environmental impact. Instead of exploiting springs or underground aquifers, Berg water is collected before it would naturally melt into the ocean.
Berg has some of the lowest Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of any bottled water due to the impenetrable ice cap it’s surrounded by, thus never being exposed to ground minerals. This results in its unique taste of melted snow.
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Berg Water comes from Icebergs, a Unique Source: Our geography gives us a unique opportunity to access to this natural resource. Some brands source water from glaciers which is often confused with iceberg water. However, glacier water is bottled after it melts to pools at the base of the glacier. Iceberg water is harvested directly from the icebergs, and does not get exposed to land or ground contaminants.
Environmentally Friendly Production: Harvesting is mostly done by hand and in small quantities so the impact on the environment is almost non-existent. Icebergs melt naturally in the ocean, so instead of exploiting springs or underground aquifers we collect the water before it disappears into the sea.
Low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): Berg water has a TDS of <10 ppm, one of the lowest in the market. Since Icebergs have the consistency of concrete, seawater is unable to penetrate the ice and contaminate the low mineral content. The result is pure, clean water with the crisp natural taste of melted snow.